Public Health Risk Assessment on its way…

Be part of the solution

In the last two meetings between the Far North District Council & the community liason group Te Mauri O Te Wai the following progresses have been made:

  • PHRA:
    • FNDC & TMOTW agreed on a foundation approach towards conducting the PHRA
    • NIWA was asked to provide a proposal for the PHRA
    • This has now been recieved and will be presented at our April meeting
    • Additional studies have been highlighted by NIWA as being necessary for an accurate overall health of the harbour which is the resultant receiving environment for 3 Waste Water Treatment Plants


    • FNDC are reviewing the way they present the monitoring data for plant operation so that it is useable and interpretable by the public
    • Monitoring data for the plant continues to be circulated every two months for public analysis
    • Field expert Andreas Kurmann supplied costings and information on low cost ways to test proposed technologies
    • A review of public consultation from last years hui reminded us that our community ‘just want to see something done about it’ and motivated us to push for investigations in to alternative solutions to get done so we move closer to a solution
    • Planning for our up & coming public hui is motivating and includes:
      • Workshops for interested community members
      • Reports on progress to date
      • A childs voice on the issue through engaging local schools
      • Interactive community consultation designed to guide the next 12 months activity
    • Letters, emails, and notices requesting hapu & community groups to confirm their delegated representatives have been sent but responses are still required from some.
    • All meetings are facilitated to ensure an open and inclusive process and members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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