Daily Archives: September 5, 2016

PHRA – is in progress….

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We were so pleased to finally meet with Dr Rebecca Stott who is a Microbiology Scientist from NIWA on site at the Rawene Waste Water Treatment Plant along with some of our members, Broad Spectrum staff, & FNDC staff member Ruben Wylie.

NIWA have been contracted to undertake a Public Health Risk Assessment in relation to the effects of the current Rawene Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The purpose of the PHRA is to better understand the effects of the current system with the hope that we will then be better informed when we start considering & trialing processes for future systems.

The aim of Te Mauri O Te Wai has always been to have zero treated wastewater being discharged to water. Each step we take which moves us closer to that goal is progress.