Te Mauri O Te Wai Inc (TMOTW) was originally formed by representatives of the local hapu & community in order to appeal the consent granted to the Far North District Council (FNDC) to continue its operation of the Rawene Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Te Mauri o te Wai was formed from representatives of the hapu of Ngati Hau, Ngati Kaharau, Te Hikutu, Te Mahurehure, Rawene residents and three other objectors.

The regular  meeting place was, and still is, Te Piiti marae at Omanaia.

The appeal was lodged, the Council tried to stop  it and the Environment court ordered them to pay costs of $1200 to the group.

One of the outcomes of the mediation process was the forming of a Community Liason Group (CLG) to work alongside the FNDC to monitor, operate, and plan for Rawene Waste Water Treatment.

According to the Resource Consent Conditions the following parties were to be included in the group:

  • Ngati Kaharau
  • Ngati Hau
  • Te Hikutu
  • Te Mahurehure
  • Rawene Community

This was not an exhaustive list however as all agreed that engaging a cross section of people that represented our diverse community was and still is vital for the groups goals & motives to remain relevant.

Once the CLG  was formed in 2013 the first meetings discussed the pathway forward and also whether the CLG should create its own legal identity. After much discussion and deliberation within the group and the community it was decided to that the objects (rules) of the CLG and TMOTW Inc were compatible enough to consider a merging of the two identities and meetings by both parties resulted in TMOTW amending its constitution (rules) and both parties resolving for this merger to happen.

Now the CLG is known as Te Mauri O Te Wai.

Rawene WWTP

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